Business Litigation and Transactions Attorneys With Decades of Experience

The firm of Guilfoil Petzall & Shoemake, L.L.C. provides its clients with strategies for their companies, homes, families and future.

Since our law firm’s founding in 1963, Guilfoil Petzall & Shoemake has provided its clients with the knowledge and experience needed to assist with any business and commercial litigation or transaction. We have provided the foundation for our clients’ emerging or established business, or arranged for its succession by future generations. We have protected our clients’ rights in real estate transactions and contract matters. We have provided our clients with the information they need for sound decisions on a broad range of banking, insurance, taxation and probate issues.

Guilfoil Petzall & Shoemake, L.L.C. — Practice Areas

We place special focus on important legal practice areas that include:

We listen carefully to our clients’ goals and formulate strategies to make those goals a reality. We gather all the facts and thoroughly research the relevant law so that we can collaborate with our clients on how to proceed with a matter. We ensure our clients understand how the law will apply to their situation so they can make informed decisions.

Personal injury clients of Guilfoil Petzall & Shoemake may receive legal services on a contingency fee basis. In such a situation, our clients would owe no attorneys’ fees unless they received compensation through jury verdict or settlement but would usually be required to pay the actual expenses incurred in the course of the litigation.